Who is Lola and why does

she know Paris so well?

Paris and Lola have a unique love affair. Every street, every sight, every light of the world's most beautiful city speaks to Lola in whispers, romantic and inviting. And Lola listens with delight.

Like you, Lola was living a life in America when she discovered an exciting secret: she is really French. Lola's discovery is rich with mystery and unanswered questions. Of course, to solve the mysteries of her heritage, Lola must travel often to, you guessed it: Paris. A task that is so much more fun with friends along!

See Paris through Lola's eyes. Follow in her footsteps. And discover the part of you that is really French and truly fabulous.

Lola is part legend, part truth and part biography of every woman who knows that the best of life is still to come. She is a writer, and artist, and executive and a mother.

Listen to Lola's story.

The story that inspired Travels with Lola will inspire you, too.
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