Lola's Story

"You must have been French in another life," Lola's freinds began telling her in her school days when she doodled the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coeur on her notebook margins. "Strange Lola," other said under their breath

Now middle aged and quite spectacular, Lola knows the secret of her haunting attraction to Paris. It came to her in a dream:


On a cool spring evening in the nineteen fifties the band at the Moulin Rouge was especially bright, the showgirls were especially dazzling. Four-month-old Lola was stolen from her dancing mother's dressing room by her father's elite French family. the high-minded aristocrats whisked little Lola to the United States, to the very middle of the country where she would be safe, well-fed and, of course, where she would learn English without an accent.

The aristocrats planned to come back for Lola in time to give her a proper French education, but Lola's adoptive family could not bear the thought of losing her. (She is truly marvelous, and very hard to let go of.) Her American parents put themselves in their own witness protection program, moving to…well, someplace secret


As Lola grew up in her French skin and American surroundings, she always felt ever so slightly out of place. Until she went to Paris. In the world's most magical city, Lola liberated her inner French girl and learned her true, inimitable spirit

Today, Lola travels to Paris as often as she can, looking for her mother in the artsy bohemian neighborhoods of the Latin Quarter and the Marais, and hoping to bump into her father's aristocratic family in the luscious restaurants of the Left Bank and in the elegant shops of the Triangle d'or.

All of Paris is Lola's playground, and lucky you, she's inviting you to be her playmate!