So much Paris, so little time…

We can't see all Paris has to offer in a week, nor in two years. So Lola says, "we must plan well, and what we see, we must see with our souls."

Well-planned does not mean over-scheduled or rushed. That is not French at all, now is it? Well-planned means well-selected activities, avoiding crowds, and allowing each of us time to find what delighs us most.

Lola loves the icons of Paris: the Eiffel Tower, The Champs Elysee, the tourist hotspots. But it is the sweet, often hidden treasures that delight Lola most. A stroll through the Marais and into the private courtyards of historic mansions, an espresso in a storied café, a glass of wine with a French artist in the sixth arrondissement. These are the gifts Lola gives her friends when they travel to Paris.